Types Of T-shirt Printing

Most of you must be wearing printed t-shirts and might have heard about the t-shirt printing process. But have you ever thought how the amazing and colorful set of designs and images is embossed on them? There are different types of T Shirt Printers and printing procedures used when the t-shirts are printed.

The printing of any t-shirt involves different techniques like air brushing technique, electronic publishing, hand printing, silk-screen printing, embroidering etc. Let us understand about each one of them in detail:

-Silk screen printing: Also known as silk screening, it is one of the oldest and renowned printing techniques. It is quite difficult to apply as it needs meticulousness with the designing. This technique is used on a fine meshed screen to print the detailed image on the surface of the t-shirt. It requires multiple screens for different colors. The colors of a screen printed t-shirt last long as the ink is injected in the fibers of the material.

-Hand printing: The hand printing technique requires a lot of time and produces similar results. A lot of time and energy are consumed to deliver these types of t-shirts. This type of t-shirt printing is expensive to avail. Visit usĀ t shirt printing dublin.

-Embroidered printing: The embroidery printed on t-shirts can be done either by hands or machines. The people who are new to printing business may find it complicated to create embroidered t-shirts. The hand embroidery procedure requires a strict set of guidelines to be followed and the machine oriented one asks for a sewing machine. This technique is expensive but can prove cost-effective in a long run on account of its superior quality.

-Digital printing: The digital printing can be done on the t-shirts by using huge inkjet t-shirt printers. The best feature of these printing machines is its capacity to emboss a number of colors. It can also print photographic images and portraits. This process is quite time consuming but produces incredible results.

The T Shirt Printing businesses have been thriving in many countries for decades and these companies take large as well as small orders of printing innovative t-shirts. As most of the services are available on the internet you do not have to struggle to find such companies. These companies understand your needs and print the t-shirts according to your requirement. It doesn’t matter what business you own; you just have to provide the printing company with the details and leave the rest to them. It is important to find an authentic company for your needs of printing t-shirts as they complete the orders by the deadlines given to them.